We feel it is our goal to offer superior products and energy saving solutions so our customers are able to achieve substantial financial savings along with being on the cutting edge of our growing global movement towards becoming environmentally conscious and accountable through simple steps like changing their lighting to energy efficient LED lighting.

We offer the best LED products rated by the highest standards such as DLC, UL, ETL, Energy Star, ROHS compliant, Lighting Facts qualified, and LM79-80 tested. Our selection of professional and commercial grade LED lighting products cannot be found in retail stores and are made in the USA. The difference between our selection of products and mass-produced retail offerings is in the details.

Our Three Distinguishing Product Characteristics

Our LED products have a reputation of superior craftsmanship.  Featuring high grade LED chips from well-known manufacturers such as Nichia, Samsung, Cree and Philips for the best longevity and light output with dimming capability, each bulb can withstand numerous on-off switching, endure extremely long hours of operation, and years of lifetime operation.
The combination of using the best components along with the best design manufacturers ensures our LED products will stand the length of time in top performance.  All our products and designs have been through rigorous testing and meticulous inspections to ensure enhanced efficacy for every application.  We use only the finest materials available, and then back it with an excellent manufacturer replacement warranty.
Our LED products come with a high CRI so ultimately you are able to see more clearly.  We have given particular attention to LED lighting products that provide a pleasing and comforting color when lit.  Our LEDs are designed within the basic kelvin/color range and they can be ordered in custom color ranges also.

Interior LED lighting

A19, PAR, R30, BR40, MR16, Candelabra, Linear T8, Panels, Troffers, PLC replacement-GU24, Emergency, Medical, Cleanroom lighting

Exterior LED lighting

Area lighting, Shoebox, Cobrahead, Wallpack, Flood, Highbay, Canopy, Wallwasher, Landscape lighting

If our organization sounds like something that you can benefit from—whether by our product selection or by our other services—I urge you to contact us at your earliest convenience…so you too can make a difference in the growing global movement towards all things environmentally-friendly through changing light bulbs to energy-efficient LEDs.